Casement Windows in Milwaukee

casement windows milwaukeeMilwaukee homeowners choose casement windows from Feldco for a number of reasons. Casement windows are also a very popular option for Milwaukee homes. They provide certain benefits that you can’t get with other window styles.

How do Casement Windows Operate?

The main reason why casement windows are so popular is because of the way they’re used. Casement windows feature one large sash that’s hinged at the side and operated with a hand crank. With the simple clockwise and counter clockwise cranks, you can open and close your casement window easily.

They open outward and allow you full control over how much ventilation you want inside your home. Plus, casement windows from Feldco feature a hand crank that lays flush with the frame to prevent anything getting caught on it.

Casement Windows Offer Great Views

Since they’re made from one sash, casement windows offer excellent views to the outdoors as well as increased natural light. You can choose to customize your casement windows in Milwaukee with different grid styles and finishes.

Energy Efficiency of Casement Windows

Casement windows from Feldco offer the best energy efficiency for home in Milwaukee. Constructed from durable, long-lasting vinyl, our casement windows have reinforced frames that are also foam insulated.

Your casement windows also come with argon gas infused between the glass panes to help prevent any outside air from entering your home.

Casement Windows are Easy to Care For

Since they only feature one large sash, casement windows make for super easy cleaning. When you choose Feldco for your casement windows in Milwaukee, you won’t need to worry about painting and staining them later on like you would with aluminum or wood windows.

Also, our casement windows are made to never warp or rot when exposed to moisture. With the harsh seasons of Milwaukee, you need your windows to perform at their best all year round.

Popular Places For Casement Windows

While there’s no set-in-stone place where casement windows are installed, they’re often found in hard to reach areas because the hand crank makes it easy to open and close them.

However, casement windows can be installed in any room and boost the appearance and energy efficiency anywhere they’re installed.

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