Awning Windows in Milwaukee From Feldco

Awning windows are a great addition for any home in Milwaukee that’s looking to increase ventilation in a certain area of the home. They’re often used in combination with other window styles and provide a unique look to your home.

Awning Windows Are Easy to Use

Awning windows open outward and are hinged at the top. They can easily be opened and closed with a hand crank – similar to casement windows. When opened, they create an awning effect – hence the name.

Ventilation in Any Weather

One of the biggest benefits of awning windows in Milwaukee is that they allow you to let fresh air in during any weather. Since they’re hinged at the top and open outward, you won’t have to worry about any rain getting inside your home.

This can help fight against mold and allergies during humid and wet weather. It always feels good to let fresh air into your home.

Awning Windows Have Excellent Safety Features

Awning windows from Feldco come with dual locks on the interior of the window. The locks are also reinforced for maximum security and protection.

Plus, our awning windows can feature screens that are also on the interior so you can leave your windows open without worrying about anything getting inside.

Feldco Awning Windows are Tough and Energy Efficient

Living in Milwaukee, you need to have windows that can take a beating and still perform and look great. Our awning windows do just that.

Made from durable and strong vinyl, the window frames are made with a multi chamber construction and are also foam filled for insulation. Also, the glass on your awning windows is insulated and double strength to withstand any weather in Milwaukee.

Best Uses For Awning Windows

Awning windows are usually found in smaller areas that need adequate ventilation. Places like basements, kitchens and bathrooms commonly feature awning windows.

Awning windows are also commonly paired with other window styles like double hung windows to maximize air flow into the home.

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