Window Privacy Ideas For Your Home

Privacy is extremely important to everyone. Unfortunately, our windows can let people into our lives when we don’t want them to. Did you move into a new house or apartment only to find that your neighbors can totally see into your bedroom or living room? Do you have windows in your apartment that face another residence? Don’t worry about window onlookers anymore! Here are a couple of ideas that you can use for window privacy. Some may have other amazing uses, too.


Blinds are great because their slats allow you to have the perfect amount of light and privacy depending on that moment. They can usually be altered rather quickly (although, sometimes, they can be tricky!), and you have the option to keep them as open or closed as you’d like. Blinds are a cheap and practical solution. Of course, many blinds break easily. They can also be quite thin.

Blinds come in horizontal and vertical options. There are a number of factors that will contribute to your decision. Many vertical blinds are used on the east and west areas of the home, and horizontal blinds are used on the north and south areas of the home.  Horizontal blinds are best where you need the most privacy. Vertical blinds are best for larger windows.

Shutters are another type of blinds. The main difference is how you open and close the slats. Since the cords on blinds can be frustrating at times, shutters are a great way to avoid that problem.

window privacy ideas


Shades generally offer more protection than blinds because they don’t have the slats. They are solid, so no one can peek in through the holes. You can pull them as open or as close as you’d like, allowing for the perfect amount of natural light. Options with thick material offer great protection, still, allow you to control how much of the window is covered, and are an inexpensive solution.

Consider outdoor shades for an option that will not only keep prying eyes away but will also improve your window’s energy efficiency because they are generally made of extremely thick material. Make sure that the exterior shade is made out of material that can withstand the elements. Some materials will become dull by the sun or ruined by rain. Exterior shades, especially electric exterior shades, can be expensive.


Curtains are more expensive than shades. They generally provide better coverage, though, as long as they are made of thick material. Also, they can be used to help decorate. While blinds and shades generally only come in solid colors, curtains allow for a number of different patterns.

You can match your room or make a drastic contrast with patterns. The right curtains can take your room from average to extraordinary. They can even help shade you and your furniture in the summer since curtains are generally made out of thick material.

If you have leather furniture that might get sun damaged, this is absolutely necessary! You can even utilize curtains with blinds and/or shades to really get the privacy and protection from the sun that you need. Having the double protection of both is considered the best option available.

Be careful that you get your curtains sized properly. You don’t want them to be too short to allow visibility and heat to enter your home. You also don’t want them to be so long that they get ruined. Call a professional to choose your favorite design and have them installed perfectly.

Frosted And Designed Glass

If your main concern is privacy, and you don’t need to look out your window for any reason, you may consider getting special glass that prohibits people from looking into your window. Remember, you won’t be able to utilize the window for visibility unless you opt for the extremely expensive one-way windows.

Frosted windows are mostly ideal for bathrooms. Ask your local window company about what options they have. You may even find glass with cool designs. The frosted windows work best in classic homes because of their ornate nature.

window privacy ideas that will keep your rooms private

If you don’t want your glass to permanently have a cloudy aesthetic or design on your windows, consider a sticker that will offer a similar effect. Many of the options even allow for a clean removal. This gives you and other owners the option to have a regular glass if later desired. There’s also window film which can offer a similar solution at a cheaper cost. It won’t last as long as a sticker, but it will get the job done. You can also do it yourself with a spray that provides the cloudy effect.

Other Solutions

There are a number of other options that can help you maintain your privacy. Consider building a wooden fence or planting trees and bushes that can help prevent people from looking into your home. Evergreens are especially popular.

Not only do they stay flush all year long, they aren’t as standoffish as a fence.  Plus, they’re tall enough to help reduce vision to even the second story of your home. It doesn’t hurt that they’re beautiful. You can also buy a house in a secluded area, away from neighbors and roads.

Some people will even buy or build houses that don’t have many windows or don’t have windows in vulnerable areas. You can even have windows removed or put up a mirror or artwork that would block vision.

Windows allow light to come into your home. They also give you fresh air. However, they can also allow people to see into your home. Whether you live in a big house or a small apartment, you need privacy. You don’t want to unknowingly give your neighbors a show simply because you were walking through your own home.

Luckily, there are a number of options for you to secure your privacy. These window privacy examples can also contribute to energy efficiency and design when used properly. You have so many options available, so enjoy the opportunity to add privacy, value, and style to your home.

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