Why You Need a Steel Entry Door

steel entry doorFront entry doors come in many forms.  Single or double door? Glass or no glass?  Wood, fiberglass, aluminum or steel?  There are far too many factors to consider when deciding which type of door to use for the entry to your home and it can be an overwhelming process.  With some helpful information, we can help you make an educated decision.

Steel is too often forgotten in residential homes. Most, if not all commercial buildings feature steel doors; this says a lot about their inherent benefits. Steel entry doors are one of the best options for your home and there are many reasons you should give this type of door further consideration.

Below are the main reasons you need a steel entry door.


Steel entry doors are extremely affordable.  They’re significantly less than wood doors.  The cost of a steel entry door can range greatly depending on the size, thickness, and style of the door, but you will likely invest between $200 and $800 for a single door.


Steel doors are able to withstand challenging weather conditions, making them a durable option for homeowners. Steel, unlike wood won’t compromise its security when struck.

Its important to note that wood is hardly immune to damage.  A much lighter material than steel, if hit hard enough, wood can break by cracking.  Even though dents in a steel door can be hard to correct, a crack to a wood door can potentially result in a total replacement being needed.


The number one benefit to a steel entry door is its security.  Without question, steel offers a much greater level of protection for your home than wood due to its thicker and significantly harder to penetrate nature.

Steel is nearly impossible to bend and improvements in manufacturing have made them even easier to maintain.  Common issues such as scratching and rusting, are more easily avoided with the use of galvanized steel.

Keeping your family safe doesn’t just require a superior door, it demands a quality lock. Since burglars and other criminals typically kick-in a door to get into your home, the strength of the door isn’t the only factor that keeps them from breaking in.

Upgrading your lockset and deadbolt can help keep you safe.  Adding a four-screw strike plate that’s mounted with screws at least three inches in length, allowing it to secure into the frame well beyond the door jamb, can help strengthen the integrity of your door significantly.


Residential steel entry doors aren’t usually made of solid steel, rather, they envelope a composite core; these cores range from polystyrene to honeycomb.

By having foam between the steel, the doors are able to prevent the transfer of heat.  Many of the steel doors today featuring a high-density polyurethane core are Energy Star-certified.  Many steel doors are even fire and STC (Sound Transmission Class) rated.


You don’t have to sacrifice beauty when choosing a steel entry door over the alternatives. As with any other material used for entry doors, there are many different styles and finishes available.  The steel on exterior and interior sides can each be customized to your taste and can be finished in varying designs.

beautiful entryway with a steel door

Many popular finishing options include: unpolished, brushed satin, long grain satin, and mirror.   Steel doors can even be finished in a wood grain to give the appearance of wood instead of steel.  Numerous modern and traditional styles are available.

Better Return on Investment

Steel offers the highest and best in value.  When buying a steel entry door, you can expect to recover 90% of the value whenever you decide to sell your home.

Steel Doors Are the Way to Go in Milwaukee

If you need a replacement entry door in Milwaukee, then you want one made of steal. It’s durable, energy efficient and secure. Combine all of that with many different color choices (including wood grain finishes) and you have a gorgeous looking door.

Feldco offers steel entry doors to Milwaukee homeowners at affordable prices. Our doors are built to withstand any weather thrown their way. Plus, they’re installed by factory trained and certified  professionals. Get a free quote now and see why over 350,000 homeowners have trusted Feldco.

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