6 Smart Home Devices You Don’t Know You Want

Today’s smart home devices can turn on and off your lights, adjust your thermostat, notify you that laundry is done and even cook your dinner. What else could they possibly think of next?

smart home devices

Well, here are six smart home devices that we think you’ll love!

Smart Home Devices Make Life Easier

We have all of heard of the Nest, the Phillips Hue and the numerous other popular smart devices. There are robots to sweep and robots to mop, smart door locks and doorbell cameras that let you act like you’re home even when you’re not. It almost seems like there’s little left that we could make smarter.

Well, here are six smart home devices that we think are pretty darn cool and will help you save time and money, as well as put your mind at ease.

Smart Shower – Evadrop

It’s likely that you’ve taken steps to be more environmentally responsible. Maybe you have installed new energy efficient windows, a smart thermostat or an extra layer of insulation in the attic. You may have even upgraded to a two button toilet to conserve water.

What about your shower? Until now, the only option had been to install a flow restricting head or a “lather button” to pause the water flow.

Enter the Evadrop, boasting the first smart shower technology. This smart home device helps you conserve water in the shower using several genius features.  It’s hard to use less if you don’t know how much you use in the first place. The Evadrop tracks your water usage in the shower and lets you track it on the smartphone app.

We’re all guilty of starting the shower to warm the water up and then getting sidetracked for a minute or two brushing our teeth while water runs freely down the drain driving up your water bill. The Evadrop automatically stops the water when it reaches your preferred temperature, saving gallons and dollars all at once.

Quite possibly the coolest feature is the ability of the Evadrop to sense how close you are to the shower head and adjust its flow rate accordingly. When you’re up close, the head allows 100% flow; step back to lather, and it decreases to 80%, step back further to shave your legs, and it drops to 40% of its max flow rate.

Finally, they made a game out of keeping your shower short and sweet. You can program the Evadrop through the mobile app to remind you when it’s time to wrap it up and get out.

Smart Garage Door Opener – Chamberlain MyQ-G0301

We have all done it; you got your coffee, hop in the car, pull out of the garage and off you go! And 15 minutes later you find yourself wondering, did you close the garage door?

We know what you’re thinking, “I would love a smart garage door, but I don’t want to pay for and install a new door opener while my old one still works.” You don’t have to thanks to the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub.

This genius device is designed to work with all garage door openers manufactured after 1993 and provides the ability to check the status of the door and open/close it from the smartphone app.

Whats more, it integrates with other Chamberlain MyQ products to control your MyQ exterior lighting, other garage openers, and several tech partners like Nest and Google Home.

Smart Mower – Robomow

It’s Sunday, and you’d like to relax by the pool, take a hike or watch the game. What you don’t want to do is mow the lawn, and you don’t have to if you have the Robomow. The Robomow looks like a Roomba on steroids and can handle the dirty work of mowing your lawn for you.

Robomow comes with a smartphone app that allows you to program this robot to be your autonomous lawn care device that’ll return to its charging station when done. With three different models, you can find the right one for whatever size lawn you own.

Now that we have equipped a robot with a spinning blade we should probably ask the question, what safety features does it have? First, Robomow safety warnings discourage using the mower with children or pets in the vicinity unattended.

That said it comes with a Child Lock to prevent inadvertent use of the mower by requiring a two button sequence to turn it on. It also has a blade stopper which is activated when the mower bumps an obstacle, tilts, tips or is lifted off the ground.

Smart Pet Feeder – Feed And Go Smart Pet Feeder

In your busy life, it can be easy to forget to feed your pet on the way out the door. That leaves you feeling bad and your pet feeling hungry, and what about those quick overnight trips?

It’s not always possible to get a pet sitter to pop in and feed your best friend. Don’t worry the Feed and Go smart pet feeder lets you pre-load six food trays with wet or dry food and either set a schedule or trigger a feeding through the smartphone app.

But wait, that’s not all! This intelligently designed feeding system allows you to record your voice calling your pet and has a camera installed so you can see your pooch is doing well.

Another useful feature for the multi-pet household is that you can control multiple feeders from a single app. That way you can schedule the cat and dog feeders separately.

Since this system using a rotating food bowl system as opposed to a hopper system, it can feed wet food, a unique feature setting it apart from other feeders.

Home Security – Piper NV

Let’s face it, security and safety are essential. That’s why Maslow put it second to the bottom of his pyramid of human needs. Knowing your home and family’s safety is paramount, even when you’re not there to keep an eye on them yourself.

In the past, you could spend a pretty penny purchasing, installing, monitoring and upgrading your home security system. Thanks to the internet, that’s no longer the case and one of the best smart home devices on the market is the Piper NV.

The Piper NV is a compact all in one security sensor with a built-in 180-degree camera, two-way audio, motion and sound detection and a siren. It’s out of the box ready to give you peace of mind. But what’s the “NV” stand for? Night vision of course, and who doesn’t want night vision?

The Piper is simple to set up, has no monthly fee, and can integrate with your home’s other smart devices to increase your integrated home automation. Piper also has a line of accessories such as such as door sensors and smart outlet plugs. You can network up to five Pipers together to create a complete home security system.

Piper is also pretty darn smart, not only can you activate and monitor remotely through the app, it’ll send you notifications of events you select like like when the front door opens, or there’s movement in the living room.

Smart Ceiling Fan Control – Bond

Ceiling fans are a great tool to help regulate the temperature of your home. But replacing all of your ceiling fans to make them smart can be a costly and time-consuming process. The makers of the Bond came up with a solution to that problem by creating a hub capable of controlling remote controlled ceiling fans.

It’s simple; you plug it in, point your fan control at it and press the button. The Bond learns the frequency of the remote and takes over control of your ceiling fan allowing you to control it using the smartphone app.

As you might expect the Bond integrates with the Google Home and Alexa, allowing you voice control of your ceiling fans, so you don’t have the use the app.

It’s simple, easy to install and works with any remote-controlled ceiling fan allowing you to control the lights and fan speed remotely. But Bond isn’t stopping there! They have plans to include control of your remote controlled fireplace, blinds, and even window AC units.

Every Homeowner Can Use Smart Home Devices

These six smart home devices will undoubtedly increase your safety, decrease your work, and help you to save money while being environmentally responsible. What’s not to like?

Another smart home decision is to make sure your windows and doors are working properly. When they’re old and damaged, you’ll lose money on your monthly bills by having to rely heavily on your heating a cooling systems to keep your home comfortable.

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