Double Four Siding

Double four, also known as standard siding, is exactly what you think about when you think of vinyl siding. It consists of horizontal panels that slightly overlap. Double four siding is known for giving your home a sleek, clean look.

That’s not the only benefit you get from double four siding. We’ll go over more of its benefits below.

Durable Enough to Handle Milwaukee Weather

Milwaukee is no stranger to rain, snow, hail, heavy wind or extreme temperatures. That means your home exterior needs to be able to withstand anything the weather can throw at it.

That’s just what you’ll get with double four vinyl siding. Thanks to the foam backing installed beneath the panels, shocks are absorbed without denting or cracking your siding.

Extremely Energy Efficient

Durability isn’t the only thing the foam board is good for – it also helps with energy efficiency. Think of it like a blanket wrapped around the exterior of your home. It prevents heated and cooled air from getting out of your home and outside temperatures from getting in. This will help make your home feel more comfortable year round.

Not only will your home remain a comfortable temperature, but you’ll save money on your energy bills. Since your furnace and air conditioner don’t have to work as hard to reach your desired temperature, you’ll end up using less power. This results in your heating and electric bills to decrease.

double four siding


You don’t want your double four siding to clash with the color or your roof, gutters, windows and doors. Thankfully, it’s customizable to meet your needs. There’s even wood-look options so you can have the beauty of wood without all of the maintenance and costs.

Milwaukee Siding Company

Double four siding is a great option for homes in Milwaukee but you shouldn’t get it from any company. You want a company you can trust with decades of experience and a premium product.

You’ve come to the right place – Feldco has been serving the Midwest for over 40 years and our siding is made specifically for homes in Milwaukee. Not only that, but our siding is installed by factory trained and certified professionals.

Join over 350,000 happy homeowners who have trusted Feldco and get a free quote now for double four siding.

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