9 Garage Improvement Ideas You’ll Want for Your Home

When it comes to garage space: either you’re making the most of your garage space, or you aren’t. When thinking about garage improvement ideas, take these 9 ideas with you when deciding what to do with your golden space.

Remember That Valuable Wall Space

No matter what size garage, if there’s a wall, there’s an opportunity for smart storage. Smart solutions like pegboards, cabinetry, boxes, and racks can be easily installed into garage walls quickly and easily. A bare garage wall is your missed opportunity for smart storage, especially in a crowded garage.

Pegboards offer the greatest value for storage solution because of its easy maintenance. You can easily attach prongs, hooks, or any custom shelving with a pegboard. Consider even dressing up your pegboard with a wooden trim to make a dull board look stylish.

Take advantage of your space by adding low or high cabinetry or shelves. Cabinetry is the cleanest-looking storage solution and might be one of your best-looking garage improvement ideas yet. However beautiful, cabinetry is harder to install and requires more maintenance. If it’s the clean wall space solution you’re looking for, then picture what your garage would look like with brand new cabinetry.

Get Smart With Your Overhead Space

Not all garages are built with tons of overhead space, but chances are that many homeowners are missing out on whatever space they currently have. Depending on what you store in your garage, be aware of the vertical space available, and use it.

One of the simplest garage improvement ideas is installing J hooks for bikes. Chances are you have a bike, and it’s sitting on the garage floor wasting valuable square footage. While bikes can be stored on garage walls, taking your bike on and off can easily scuff the garage wall, and depending on the color of your walls this can lead to ugly scuff marks. Vertical J hooks are easy and safe to install and are one of the easiest ways to take advantage of vertical space.

While you’re up there, try installing high-shelf units for rarely used or seasonal equipment like snow gear, camping equipment, coolers, and golf clubs. Square footage on your garage floor matters and vertical space is one of the best storage solutions that every homeowner should keep in their back pocket.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Is your garage too hot and muggy in the summer? Freezing in the Winter? Sometimes, artificial light just does not cut it. Nothing beats the comfort of a beautiful natural light source.

Consider installing a good quality energy efficient window that will not only bring in natural, mood-boosting light but also insulate. Speaking of comfort, depending on your local temperatures and garage use, it might be worth it to purchase an AC/heat unit in your garage. This is one of the simpler garage improvement ideas that when done right, are worth the money.

Especially for those who spend a great deal of time in their garage, a small space heater or fan doesn’t do the job. Be wary, climate control paired with great natural light might make you forget you are in your garage in the first place!

Do a Mancave Makeover

One of the most often dreamt of garage improvement ideas is to convert an otherwise simple car storage spot to a full-service man cave (or she shed).

The secret to building a great man-cave is to start small. Too often do “DIYers” dream of a perfect man-cave yet fall short because they are overwhelmed with the task. Start with a few chairs and a table, then slowly start to add more.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and either should your man-cave. Some things to consider when building your fortress: a projector TV screen offers a movie-like experience when paired with great seats. It’s always worth getting a high-quality projector that’ll give you the best pixel-to-pixel quality. Other additions including a wet bar and pool table are great for entertaining. Don’t forget to personalize that wall space with your favorite posters, neon signs, and other great work that you see fit.

Keep Your House Clean With a Built-in Mudroom

It’s called a mudroom for a reason. It’s not supposed to be the cleanest room in the house. However just because it’s dirty, doesn’t mean it has to be disorganized! One of the best garage improvement ideas is to convert your garage-to-home entryway into a mudroom. Garage mudrooms are the best because they keep the common clutter away from the house, keeping your home cleaner, happier, and healthier.

ideas garage improvement

If you already have a mudroom in your home, then adding a second can help keep your main mudroom cleaner and up-to-date with the right apparel for the season. Leave the garage mudroom for shoes and clothes you’ll be wearing less often, so it doesn’t get in the way. Also, a garage mudroom adds some style and warmth to an otherwise plain garage.

The best spaces for garage mudrooms are the little imperfections and nooks that are naturally in your garage. No garage is built perfectly, so you’re likely to have a little space that can be converted into a mudroom nook.

Consider Cleaning out Your Garage

Let’s face it, your life is busy. Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to keep things neat and tidy. Old patio furniture, unused holiday decorations, and dirty sporting equipment turn your otherwise clean garage into a living nightmare.

Sometimes, the only thing our garages need is a weekend afternoon to refresh. Once you have a de-cluttered space, rethinking what you want to do with your garage is much easier.

Remember, A tidy space is the first step before considering any garage improvement ideas.

Consider a Garage Floor Refresh

Dusty stained garage floors can keep you garage feeling like a prison instead of your dream space. While your garage may be beautiful on all four walls, a beautiful garage floor style is a perfect final touch. When it comes to garage floors, you have t choose between epoxy coating, floor mats, tiles, or paint.

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The most durable and longest lasting improvement comes from garage floor epoxy, while the quickest and (usually) cheapest option is garage floor mats. Garage floor epoxy is what gives your garage the same shine as does a garage showroom while glossing over any imperfections with its naturally thick coating.


When it comes to garage improvement ideas, look no further to improving the look of your garage. Feldco Windows, Siding, and Doors have you covered.


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