8 Reasons Why You Should Get a Replacement Patio Door

Your old patio door isn’t energy efficient, can pose a security risk and is bringing down your home’s curb appeal.  Investing in a replacement patio door will provide a surprising amount of benefits.  In addition to functioning as an entrance to the outdoors, a replacement patio door will instantly bring beauty and natural light into your home.

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Which Replacement Patio Door Style is Right For Your Home

Before getting into details about all the benefits of replacing your patio door, it’s important to know what kind of patio door style options are available.  Replacement patio doors come in two styles: sliding patio doors and french patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

sliding patio doorSliding patio doors, also known as gliding patio doors, are the most common patio door style.  Made up of a large glass pane on sliding rollers, these types of patio doors maximize natural light in the home, immediately livening up the room.  They’re aesthetically pleasing, and could be enhanced further with grids or built-in blinds.

Sliding patio doors have many of the same features as windows.  Similar to windows, the glass can be filled with argon gas.  They have double pane glass and come in a variety of colors and finishes, even wood grain.

French Patio Doors

French patio doors, or swinging patio doors, are another option when it comes to replacement patio doors.  These elegant doors are available in either 2 or 3-lite units (two or three doors).

Similar to sliding glass doors, french patio doors have the option of built-in blinds.  They come in both fiberglass and steel, and can be finished with decorative handles and locksets.

The Perks of a Replacement Patio Door

Aside from serving as a gateway from the interior of your home to the exterior, replacement patio doors offer a number of less-obvious benefits that will improve your living space.

1. Replacement Patio Doors Widen Your Home’s Entryway

A replacement patio door is usually about twice as wide as normal entry doors, making them a source for bigger objects to move in and out of the home.  Having a patio door makes it easier to move beds, couches, dressers or other large furniture to and from your home in one piece.

2. Bring in More Natural Light with a Replacement Patio Door

There’s no easier way to enhance the entire look of your interior than letting more sunlight in.  Natural light has a way of instantly brightening up an entire room, creating the illusion of space and adding luster.

Not only can sunshine brighten a room, but it can also lighten a mood.  Increased vitamin D can boost productivity, help you sleep better, and improve overall well-bring.

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3. Replacement Patio Doors are Energy efficient 

Sunlight isn’t just pleasant, it’s helpful.  With all the sunlight shining into your home you can avoid turning on lights and save on energy expenses.  When the weather is nice, you can open your patio doors and let a breeze flow through instead of cranking the AC.

A durable replacement patio door can also be energy efficient by keeping unwanted air out of our home.  Over time, ordinary doors start to break down.  With all the wear and tear comes decreased energy efficiency as air begins to seep into your home.  Avoid air infiltration with a sturdy replacement patio door that will seal up any cracks or gaps in the door frame.

4. Patio Doors Look Great

No matter the amount of space you’re working with, installing a patio door to complement your home’s design will greatly improve your home’s look.  Replacement patio doors add beauty to your home by bringing the outside in and will give you a gorgeous view.

Replacement patio doors help to blur the lines between the outdoors and indoors.  You’ll be able to keep an eye on the kids as they play outside, peer out onto a dramatic thunderstorm or enjoy a beautiful snowfall without actually stepping out into the cold.

5. Replacement Patio Doors Add Value to Your Home

An awesome added benefit of a replacement patio door is that it can actually add value to your home.  Should you decide to sell your house in the future, an updated patio door will make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

6. Replacement Patio Doors are Easily Customizable

Both french patio doors and sliding patio doors come in a variety of colors and different finishes, allowing you to design the replacement patio door of your dreams.  Choose from a large selection of door hardware to polish off your door with style.

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7. Increase the Safety of Your Home with a New Patio Door

Upgrade your doors with replacement patio doors to make sure your home is protected from intruders.  French patio doors can be constructed of durable steel or fiberglass, providing the protection your home needs.

The sliding patio door’s dual-point grappling hook lock not only provides proper safety, but it pulls the door tightly into the jamb sealing out weather.

8. Replacement Patio Doors Save Space

With both french patio doors and sliding glass doors comes the opportunity to save space within your home.  If you opt for a sliding patio door, you’re able to save a lot of space because they don’t require any panels to swivel in or out to be opened.

While not quite as space-saving as the sliding patio door, a french patio door is not a complete loss.   Most doors swing inward, taking up precious interior space.  With french patio doors, you have the option to choose whether the left or right door opens outward.  As mentioned earlier, you can also open both doors for more width.  While french doors do require some space, they sure do make full use of it.

Get a Replacement Patio Door Now

Whether it be sliding glass doors or french doors, hopefully you’re convinced that a replacement patio door is a smart investment for your home.  Get rid of that dated patio door and reap the benefits of a replacement patio door.  Get your free quote now.

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